Dating site for norwegians

Norwegis scandinavicus is characterized by fair skin, tall stature, blue eyes, and blonde hair.

Like any other human species, Norwegis enjoys dating.

Furthermore, Norwegis will expect equal contribution to the relationship. The learning curve can be steep for some activities, but Norwegis is excited to show you the Norwegis way, and thus will be patient.

In other words, splitting the bill and balanced input during sexual intercourse is expected. Norwegis scaninavicus can be a fantastic partner as long as you are able to communicate and understand one another.

Although, Norwegis does not call it dating, and will only be familiar with the term through television and movies.

When Norwegis engages in so-called dating, much emphasis is put on independence.

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To me: You had a drink more than me, don’t forget to pay everything you had tonight. Norwegis values independence and freedom in a relationship for him or herself, and for you.Norwegis will not check up on you every hour, nor will Norwegis have any problems with you having friends of the same gender. Prepare to be (forcibly) taken to outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, and so on.Norwegis scandinavicus (Latin: blonde-haired, blue-eyed person) is a binomial creature and a subspecies of Homo sapiens.Nowegis scandinavicus evolved from Homo sapiens sometime in the 1960s, arguably due to the discovery of oil.

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